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Periwinkle is an important Wiccan herb. It is bound to Venus and water, and is believed to be quite powerful, enhancing the effects of any ritual, spell, or amulet. It is a protective herb, keeping evil at bay and eliminating negative energy.


Oxalis is bound to Venus and Earth. Venus is the planet of love, and earth signifies home and hearth.


Goldenrod is bound to Venus and Air. Any herb related to Venus is a good herb for love rituals. Carry flowers for a day and your future love is supposed to appear the next day. Give your lover some Goldenrod tea to seal their love for you. Burn or crush leaves or flowers in rituals concerning love or the quest for love.


Foxglove has been the subject of Fairy lore for centuries. Legend indicates that Fairies are supernatural entities who live in enchanted forests and shadow worlds, dancing and making magick (good or bad) with childlike abandon.


Feverfew is one of the powerful protection herbs. Worn around the neck or carried in a pocket or even in a purse or suitcase, it protects from sickness, injury, and accidents. It is bound to Venus and water.

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New services offered at Mystical


 We can now do reading through the internet as well as do spells

The readings is R 250.00

The spells are between R 250.00 and R 500.00 depending on the detials involved and we can do the following spells.

(We will send you some kind of proof to show that the spell has been completed)

1. Protection Spell

2. Banishing Spell

3. Better Bussiness Spell

4. Job Spell

5. Cleansing Spell

6. Justice Spell

7. Fertility Spell

8. Happy Home Spell

9. Success Spell

10. Money Spell (depending on what type of money spell you are looking for, no one can guarantee the lotto)

11. Finding missin objects Spell

12. Unblocking Spell

13. Healing Spell

With the spell and the readings you can either send us a mail to or phone us 011 425 0274.

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 With a current readership of about 100 readers per day and growing fast we expect to increase that to more than a thousand a day in the next few months, making Dragons Den on of the largest Wicca & Pagan community sites in South-Africa.

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