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The kind of magic that is performed in a ritual is done so with the use of spells. Though no one actually knows if it works.

Magicians who perform magic in this form usually make use of a memorized script with the appropriate spell, activity and motions that should be done. Those who practice the occult have claimed that performing this type of magic is a lot more similar to car driving. If the directions are followed appropriately, you could actually get to your destination and so the magic could work. But still, there is no one hundred percent guarantee.

The first thing that comes to mind when I smell cinnamon is pancakes. Warm pancakes with the still melting cinnamon and sugar dripping out of them... Talk about calories! (but that is a conversation for another day).
To an herbalist however Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices there is. In ancient Egypt it was considered to be worth more than gold and was used in the mummification and embalming of the pharaohs. Imports of this spice began as early as 2000 BC from China to Egypt, that’s more than 4000 years ago.

Night time must be one of the most beautiful and magickal times of each cycle. The sky filled with stars and the beautiful round moon. According to tradition, the waxing moon phase starts as soon as the new moon is over and the moon starts to grow again, with such brightness that you can walk around in the middle of the night without bumping your toe, you have to smile at how complicated we have made modern life, we now need to use expensive computer equipment to find out in which phase the moon is, a sore toe is no longer good enough it seems.


Come meet Richard Webster at our Body Soul & Mind Village Mawu Mysteoria, Richard Webster is The famed author of such books as Palm Reading for beginners and Is your Pet Psychic.

Richard Webster's books have been translated into twenty languages and have sold more than two million copies around the world. It all began with a small newspaper that Richard wrote and distributed around his neighbourhood when he was nine years old. When he was ten, Richard's parents invited Ronald Syme, a well-known children's author, for dinner. Ronald Syme was gently discouraging on the prospects of a writing career, but by the end of the evening Richard was determined to become a writer.
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New services offered at Mystical


 We can now do reading through the internet as well as do spells

The readings is R 250.00

The spells are between R 250.00 and R 500.00 depending on the detials involved and we can do the following spells.

(We will send you some kind of proof to show that the spell has been completed)

1. Protection Spell

2. Banishing Spell

3. Better Bussiness Spell

4. Job Spell

5. Cleansing Spell

6. Justice Spell

7. Fertility Spell

8. Happy Home Spell

9. Success Spell

10. Money Spell (depending on what type of money spell you are looking for, no one can guarantee the lotto)

11. Finding missin objects Spell

12. Unblocking Spell

13. Healing Spell

With the spell and the readings you can either send us a mail to or phone us 011 425 0274.

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Would you like to write news articles for this site, we are now accepting articles for publication on the site, you can submit your article here  or mail it to

 We are also looking for regular columnists for the site, if you have an idea for  a regular column, and able to send us a new column about once a month, send us your ideas to

 With a current readership of about 100 readers per day and growing fast we expect to increase that to more than a thousand a day in the next few months, making Dragons Den on of the largest Wicca & Pagan community sites in South-Africa.

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