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Savory is bound to Venus and air. The Latin name for Savory is Satureja - a derivative of which means Satyr, which is a half-man and half-goat creature of legend. The plant supposedly belonged to the Satyrs, who loved sex, drink and loud parties. The god Pan was a satyr. There's not much else in mythology or modern magic about this herb that I can find, other than you can carry it, eat it, burn it, or wear it for intellect, creativity, and to maintain the good life.


St. John's Wort is bound to Sun and Fire. It has a long history in folklore, and for centuries it was thought that burning it would drive off evil spirits and demons. With the advent of Christianity, it was associated with St. John the Baptist, and was said to start blooming on his birthday, June 24. On the day of his beheading (in August), the plant was believed to bleed red oil from its leaf glands. It is to this day believed to be at it's most potent when harvested in mid-summer, likely due to the timing of the birthday and death of St. John the Baptist. The genus name Hypericaceae means "above an icon" in Greek, and sprigs of the plant were used on images and statuary by the ancients to drive off evil spirits.


Sage was associated with immortality and longevity by the ancients. It was also credited with increasing mental capacity. Eat the fresh leaves (in moderation) for both these purposes.


Poppies are bound to the Moon and Water. They seeds are burned and used in spells for divinatory purposes including divinatory dreams, invisibility, and for sleep and consolation after a loss. Placed in sachets, amulets, or charms, Poppy seeds or flowers enhance fertility, luck, imagination, good fortune, peace, and prosperity. Placed in food, Poppy seeds promote love.


Though Plantain was considered by the ancient Saxons to be one of the nine sacred herbs, this appears to be more due to the medicinal qualities of the plant than its magickal energies. In Magickal lore, it is bound to Mars and Fire.

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