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 Herbal Grimoires
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NameDescription and UseAlso Called
ChivesProtection and weight loss  
ChrysanthemumProtection. Grow in the garden to ward off evil spirits. Mum
CilantroProtection of gardeners; brings peace to the home and helps to attune one with their soul.  
CinnamonSpirituality; success; healing; protection; power; love; luck; strength; and prosperity. Burn as an incense or use in a sachet to raise spiritual and protective vibrations; draw money; and stimulate psychic powers. A popular herb for use in charms to draw money & prosperity. Wear in an amulet to bring passion. Sweet Wood
CinquefoilAn all-purpose magickal herb. The five points of the leaf represent love; money; health; power; and wisdom. Stimulates memory; eloquence; and self confidence. Carry; burn; or wear to possess these traits. Used for business & house blessing. Use in spells to bring protection to a friend or loved one taking a journey. Burn as an incense during divination to bring dreams of one's intended mate. Frequently associated with ritual work involving romance. Wash hands and forehead with an infusion of this herb nine times to wash away hexes and evil spells against you. Fill an empty egg shell and keep it in the home for powerful protection from evil forces. Wrap in red flannel and hang over the bed to ward off dark spirits of the night. Five Finger Grass; Synkefoyle; Witches Weed; Five Leaf; Tormentilla; Sunkfield; Bloodroot; Moor Grass; Goosegrass; Goose Tansy; Crampweed; Silverweed; Silver Weed; Sunkfield
CitronellaDraws friends to the home; customers to the business. Promotes eloquence; persuasiveness; and prosperity. Protects and cleanses the aura. Encourages self-expression and creativity (great for writers & actors!) and brings clarity to the mind. Repels insects and deodorizes.  
CloveExorcism; love; money; and protection  
CloverFidelity; protection; money; love; and success. Strong association with the Earth; useful in consecrating both pentacles and ritual tools made of copper. Carry as an amulet or use in sachets for luck; attracting money; fidelity; maintaining mental acuity; and/or protection. When grown outside; is thought to keep snakes away from property. Sprinkle around the home to remove negative spirits. Trefoil; Cleaver Grass; Marl Grass; Cowgrass; Three Leaved Grass; Honeystalks; Shamrock; Trifoil
Clover; Red Put in baths to aid in financial arrangements. Also used in potions for lust. Used in sachets or incense for money; love; fidelity; success and luck. Protects and blesses domestic animals. Used in consecration of ritual tools made of copper. Trefoil; Cleaver Grass; Marl Grass; Cowgrass; Three Leaved Grass; Honeystalks; Shamrock; Trifoil
ClovesMagickal uses include protection; banishing hostile/negative forces; and gaining what is sought. Cloves are burned to stop gossip as well as to purify & raise the spiritual vibrations of an area. Use to bring a sense of kinship to a social gathering. Wear for protection and mental clarity. Said to protect babies in their cribs if strung together and hung over the crib (being sure that the strand can't fall into the crib; of course!). Burn to attract riches; drive away hostile forces; and stop any gossip about you. Carry to attract the opposite sex or bring comfort during bereavement. Cleanses the aura. Ding Xiang
Club MossProtection and power. Use in bath magick for purification. Burn as incense as an offering to the deities and to open channels of communication with them. Use in amulets and charms for power and protection. Wolf's Claw
CoconutChastity; protection; and purification  
CoffeeHelps to dispel nightmares and negative thoughts and to overcome internal blockages. Provides peace of mind and grounding.  
ColtsfootWealth; prosperity; and love. Use in love sachets. Sacred to Brighid. Use in spells for peace and tranquility. Coughwort; Hallfoot; Horsehoof; Foalswort; Fieldhove; Donnhove
ColumbineLove and courage. Grow in the garden to attract fairies. Use in spells and charms to increase courage in stressful situations. Granny's Bonnet; Culverwort
ComfreyMagickal uses include money; safety during travel; and any Saturnian purpose. Use for workings involving stability; endurance; and matters relating to real estate or property. Put some in your luggage to help prevent loss or theft. Wear for travel safety and protection. Use the root in money spells and incenses. Knitbone; Knit Bone; Ass Ear; Blackwort; Bruisewort; Knitback; Miracle Herb; Boneset; Gum Plant; Slippery Root; Wallwort
Copal Resin Love; purification. Add to love and purification incenses. Use a piece of copal to represent the heart in poppets.  
CorianderLove; health; immortality; and protection. Tie fresh coriander with a ribbon and hang in the home to bring peace & protection. Add to love charms and spells to bring romance or use in ritual work to ease the pain of a broken love affair. Promotes peace among those who are unable to get along. Throw the seeds in lieu of rice during Handfastings and other rituals of union. Use the seeds in love sachets and spells. Add powdered seeds to wine for an effective lust potion. Wear or carry the seeds to ward off disease and migraines. Cilantro; Chinese Parsley; Yee Sai
CornProtection; divination; good luck  
CornflowerA patron herb of herbalists. Use the blue petals to make homemade ink for a Book of Shadows. Use in rituals to give honor to the Mother of all nature.� Sprinkle over the area where you and your mate argue the most to alleviate discord and strife. Bachelor Button; Hurtsickle; Bluet; Blue Cap; Bluebottle
CottonFishing magick; rain; protection; luck; and healing. Burn to attract rain. Cloth made of cotton is the best for magickal use. Place cotton in a sugar bowl to draw luck.  
CowslipTreasure finding; youth; concentration; focus; and house & business blessing. Use in ritual work involving Goddesses associated with love. Carry to increase attractiveness and increase romantic appeal; providing the energy to attract a partner. False Primrose; Keyflower; Fairy Cup; Paigle; Key of Heaven
Cramp BarkUsed for protection and female energy. Guelder Rose Parts
CrowfootLove. Use in rituals & ceremonies associated with marriage and Handfasting; engagements; and rituals involving commitments and sacred binding vows. Buttercup; Gold Cup; Grenouillette; Meadow Buttercup
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