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 Herbal Grimoires
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NameDescription and UseAlso Called
High John"An ""all purpose"" herb; the uses of High John include strength; confidence; conquering any situation; obtaining success; winning at gambling; luck; money; love; health; and protection. Useful in all ritual work pertaining to prosperity. Wash hands in an infusion of the herb before playing games of chance. " High John the Conqueror; John the Conqueror; Jalap Root
HollyMarriage; dream magick; luck; and love. Planted around the outside of the home for protection. Used as a decoration at Yule. When carried by men; is thought to heighten masculinity. Tinne; Bat's Wings; Hulm; Hulver Bush; Holm Chaste
HollyhockIncrease success in the material world; increase flow of money; or acquire new possessions. Grown near the home to help the success of the family flourish.  
HoneyFor attraction and solar magick.  
HoneysuckleDraws money; success; and quick abundance; Aids persuasiveness and confidence; sharpens intuition. Ring green candles with honeysuckle flowers or use honeysuckle in charms & sachets to attract money. Crush the flowers and rub into the forehead to enhance psychic powers. Woodbine; Jin Yin Hua; Dutch Honeysuckle; Goat's Leaf
HopsRelaxing and sleep producing; a fantastic herb for dream pillows. Believed to increase the restfulness & serenity of sleep. Also used for healing rituals; sachets; and incense. Beer Flower; Hop Flower
HorehoundSacred to Horus. Protective; helps with mental clarity during ritual; stimulates creativity/inspiration; balances personal energies. Excellent for use in home blessings. Place near doorways to keep trouble away. White Horehound; Hoarhound; Marrubium; Bugleweed
Horseshoe ChestnutMagickal uses include money and healing. Buckeye
HyacinthPromotes peace of mind and peaceful sleep. Attracts love; luck; and good fortune. Named for Hiakinthos; Greek God of homosexual love; this is the patron herb for gay men. Guards against nightmares when used as an oil; burned as incense; or included in dream pillows. Carry in amulet or sachet to ease grief or the pain of childbirth.  
HydrangeaHex-breaking; love drawing; bringing back a lover; fidelity; and binding.  
HyssopThe most widely used purification herb in magick. Lightens vibrations and promotes spiritual opening; used for cleansing and purification. Said to protect property against burglars and trespassers. Used to consecrate magickal tools or items made of tin. The best herb for physical cleansing and washing of temple; ritual tools; or oneself (bath magick). Add to baths & sachets; infuse and sprinkle on objects/people for cleansing or hang in the home to purge it of evil & negativity. Yssop; Ysopo
Indigo Weed Protection Baptisia
IrisAttracts wisdom; courage; and faith. Use fresh iris flower to purify an area. Represents a belief in happy reincarnation. Symbolizes faith; wisdom; and valor. Useful for consecrating ritual wands. Used in rituals designed for baby blessings.  
Irish MossAn excellent luck herb. Carry or place under rugs to increase luck and ensure steady flow of money; carry on trips for protection & safety; use to stuff luck or money poppets. Add to luck oil to increase its strength. An excellent gambler's herb. Sprinkle an infusion of the herb around a business to bring in customers.  
Iron WeedCarry in a purple flannel bag for control over others; including boss and co-workers (not recommended - remember the law of threes).  
IvyProtection; healing; fertility; and love. Hang an ivy plant in front of the home to repel negative influence and discourage unwanted guests. Mix in a sachet with Holly as a wedding gift to provide protection to the newly married couple. Place ground ivy around the base of a yellow candle on a Tuesday; then burn the candle to discover who (if anyone) is working negative magick against you.  
Jamaican Ginger Gambling luck  
JasmineUses include snakebite and divination; good for charging quartz crystals. Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate. Carry or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money. Use in dream pillows to induce sleep or burn in the bedroom to bring prophetic dreams. Helps to promote new; innovative ideas. Pikake; Ysmyn; Jessamin; Moonlight on the Grove
Jezebel RootUsed for spells and castings for money and achievement. Also used to place curses and hexes.  
Job's TearsLuck in finding employment; wishes; and blessing. Used in counts of 3 or 7 in charm and mojo bags to attract luck; wishes and money. Carrying three will assist in finding a good job. Count out seven seeds while concentrating on a wish; then carry the seeds with you at all times for seven days -- the wish should come true by the end of the week.  
JuniperBanishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good; healthy energies and love. Juniper berries can be carried by males to increase potency. Use a string of juniper berries to attract love. Burn for magickal protection. Place a sprig of juniper near the door to a home or with valuables to help safeguard against theft (but keeping locking the doors; too!). Use juniper oil in magickal workings to increase money and prosperity. Juniper Berries; Ginepro; Enebro; Wachholder
Kava Kava Uses include aphrodisiac; potent sacramental drink; potions; induces visions; astral work; travel protection. Carry for success and job promotion. Ava; Ava Pepper; Intoxicating Pepper
KnotweedBinding spells; health; and cursing  
Kola NutPeace; removing depression; and calming  
Lady Slipper Used for protection against hexes; curses and the evil eye.  
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