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 Crystal Grimoire
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NameDescription and Use
ABALONEConfidence, Spirituality, Heart, Muscles, Digestion
ACTINOLITEResponsibility, Industry, Inflammations, Liver
AGATECompetition, Eloquence, Fevers, Gums, Circulation. Particularly good for athletes.
AGATE BLUELACEComposure, Growth, Infections, Inflammations, Fevers. When worn this stone invokes calmness, removing anger and irritation.
AGATE BOTSWANAUnderstanding, Recovery, Toxins, Recuperation, Heart
AGATE DENDRITICEnergy, Balance, Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE MOSSRenewal, Assertiveness, Heart, Lungs, Skin
AGATE TREECoordination, Management, Chest, Stomach
ALEXANDRITEGrowth, Investment, Nerves, Luck, Joy
ALMANDINEAffection, Inspiration, Heart, Eyes
AMAZONITEClarity, Insight, Nerves, Emotions, Growth, Joy, Success, Self
AMBERCareer, Accomplishment, Chest, Depression, Uplifting, Optimism, Relief from Worry & Stress. This stone is said to carry the warmth of the sun. Like honey it is disinfectant, antiseptic & protective.
AMETHYSTModeration, Devotion, Insomnia, Addictions, Neuralgia, Acne, Peace, Tranquillity, Happiness, Purification, Healing. Softens negative feelings & also reduces electrical energies so is great for placing near your computer, TV or any other electrical appliances. Aids sleep & headaches. The colour contains the passion, truth & love of Christ. AMETRINE
ANHYDRITECoordination, Concentration, Lungs, Chest
ANTIMOANYIntellect, Progress, Colds, Flu, Swellings
APATITEEmotions, Business, Speech, Bones
APOPHYLLITETranquillity, Honesty, Respiration, Skin
AQUA AURAInfluence, Arts, Dexterity, Throat, Healing
AQUAMARINEInsight, Love, Growth, Allergies, Calms Nerves, Detox, Self
ARAGONITEEnergy, Activity, Bones, Digestion
ASTROPHYLLITEConfidence, Insight, Recovery, Reproductive, Intellect
AUGELITEContemplation, Justice, Muscles, Digestion
AVENTURINEDevelopment, Judgement, Eyes, Migraine, Tension, Insomnia, Prosperity. Stimulates healthy growth and assists the development of mental abilities.
AZURITEMeditation, Spirituality, Suppleness, Liver, Divination, Concentration.
BARITEDecisiveness, Writing, Muscles
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